The TERRIBLE Tenth & Over Three Decades of GOP Domination


    It ain’t over… till it’s over… BUT…

    There is absolutely nobody on the radar screen, which looks to even be slightly considering seeking the Democratic Nomination to run for the 10th Congressional District against Frank Wolf. I hope that I am completely wrong in this assessment and someone fabulous is flying below the radar screen, but even if that is the case this may already be a lost cause.

    This is a horrible state of affairs for the Democratic voters in this district. We are about to let Frank Wolf waltz right back to “The Hill” without even an opposition voice in the process. Wolf will not only serve another term, but have a sizable war chest saved up after not having to spend anything to get reelected here in 2012. I won’t even get into how this could very well impact Democratic turnout for both the Obama and Kaine campaigns this year in the Tenth District.

    This makes any rumor of Frank Wolf’s demise after hearing all the rumors of him serving just one last term, then head into retirement greatly exaggerated. The Congressman will have a humongous sized war chest to his advantage in 2014, because of what is… or should I say “isn’t” happening in 2012.

    Congressman Wolf has not only pretty much laid claim to victory in November, but has he now secured another victory in 2014? Is Frank Wolf now merely just “The Inevitable” one to serve as our congressman at least through 2016?

    It is unfortunate, but barring any sort of divine intervention, this is the very likely reality folks. If this plays out as such, then the Tenth Congressional District of Virginia will have been under Republican domination for an astounding 35 years and counting!

    There are magnitudes of issues that have sustained this over three decade run by the GOP, but why isn’t anyone being held accountable by the Democratic Party? This would be because the Tenth Congressional District Democratic Committee has stacked the deck, year after year in filling vacancies with those who are only willing to fall in line and dare not to even think of even rocking the boat just a little.

    After this year’s impending colossal failure, then in the process providing a nice firewall for Wolf in 2014, are the local committees that comprise the Tenth Congressional District and the DPVA going to continue to just sit there and shut up? They know this district committee’s majority is nothing more than arrogant group of snobs who believe they have earned the high honor of sitting upon their thrown, in comfort and confidence in their own distinct existence.

    That majority has failed us, time and time again. It has ignored outreach to vital constituency groups, by surrounding themselves with others who are supposed to be representatives of the Democratic voters that they hope go to the polls each Election Day.

    Do they not have the slightest clue about the demographics that make up the entire Tenth Congressional District of Virginia? To even ask if they have a clue about out of the entire district, what percentages of minority groups faithfully go to the polls and vote for Democrats would be just insanity in itself.

    I can tell you that this committee of 24 looks nothing like those it needs to do more to mobilize and motivate in order an end to the Republican domination of this district. In fact, the reality is they have done a bang up job of impersonating our “Do Nothing” Congress over the past 30 years. They have clearly done a whole lot of talking, but very little walking.

    It’s time to bring an end to this little social soiree, who are called to come together to sit upon their thrown a few times a year. It’s time that we have an inclusive and active district committee. It’s time to hold the guilty responsible for their inaction. It’s time for the talk to halt and way past the time for these folks to walk the walk.

    It’s time to call a spade a spade, which is what I am doing right now. It’s time to end this era or “error” in our history. It’s time to send each of them walking down the plank. If they are lucky, maybe someone will throw them a life vest.

    There is plenty of blame to go around, but let us begin at the root of the problem. The cavity is found at the very root of the Tenth Congressional District Democratic Committee. It looks very much like the only solution, since it has been left so long to continue to decay, is to yank the entire tooth from it’s very roots and dispose of it promptly.