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Virginia News Headlines: Sunday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, March 25.

*Rising concern on climate change (“the only energy debate America seems capable of having during this election year revolves around whom to blame for higher gas prices and who can bring them down again. Neither of those is the first, second or even 10th question we’d ask of America’s leaders on energy.”)

*Allen to face host of GOP challengers; Kaine none

*Richmond prosecutor plans to try ultrasound protesters

*Schapiro: McDonnell’s next big idea – a rerun?

*Cuccinelli to offer views on health-law arguments

*Santorum continues Southern win streak

*Uranium study group: Transparent enough, or needlessly secret?

*Fairfax County executive urges caution on budget

*Editorial: Cuccinelli takes unfair jabs on electric rates (“Tighter clean air enforcement has raised Appalachian’s rates, but marketplace forces play a large part in a rural cooperative’s high bills.”)

*Virginia Beach lauded in social media study

*Cyclists celebrate newly opened Virginia Beach bike lane

*Va. governor’s chef leaves amid investigation

*McDonnell is off to Nev., Utah, D.C. and Calif.

*The bad toll deal has an explanation

*Loudoun County in hot seat on approving Metro’s Silver Line decision (“This is probably the worst financially planned project I’ve seen in 40 years.” It’s also the worst in other ways as well, as we pointed out repeatedly at RK, in Tysons Tunnel rallies, etc. Well, to everyone who pushed for this with the no-bid Bechtel deal, aerial alignment in Tysons, etc., don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

P.S. Also see here for photos and video of Ken Cuccinelli’s speech at the anti-“Obamacare”/Tea Party rally yesterday near the U.S. Senate.


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