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What Ken Kookinelli Was Up To Today (Photos, Video)


Where was Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli today? I’m not sure about his entire schedule, but for a couple hours, I caught him speaking to a few hundred anti-“Obamacare” Tea Partiers at the “Road to Repeal” rally at Upper Senate Park. Needless to say, he wasn’t speaking at the much larger Reason Rally (UPDATE: I hear there were upwards of 20,000 people at the Reason Rally vs. a few hundred – maybe 1,000 – at the Tea Party rally. Guess which one the corporate/conservative media covered? Hmmmm.), which I happened to run into (I didn’t have any idea there even was such a thing as a “Reason Rally,” but live and learn I guess!) as I walked to the Smithsonian Metro stop.

I did find it encouraging that so many more people were out on a rainy Saturday to rally for something positive than to angrily rant and rave about how “Obamacare” (actually, almost all of the Affordable Care Act was taken from the Heritage Foundation, the 1993 Republican health care bill, and “Romneycare,” but details details – heh) is unconstitutional, an infringement on people’s liberty, the end of the “greatest health care system known to man,” the beginning of the end of FREEDOM!!!!, and other assorted Limbaugh/Faux falsehood and insanity.

P.S. There are more photos (actually, grabs from my Flip video in the rain, which is why the quality might not be the best on some of them) on the “flip,” including some truly bizarre ones, an apparently racist one, the usual “socialist”/”Marxist” crap, a misspelling of “Kagan,” and other assorted hilarity. I’ll post video of Kookinelli’s speech as soon as it finishes uploading to YouTube. Enjoy?

P.P.S. There were multiple shoutouts/tributes to the late/great Andrew Breitbart, including one speaker who claimed “we are all Andrew Breitbart,” a speech by “Gateway Pundit” blogger Jim Hoft which lauded Breitbart as a hero, and even a song in Breitbart’s honor (video coming later). Bizarre is one word for it. I’m sure you can think of other, stronger words.

UPDATE: Check out the crazy brain surgeon ranting about the Soviet Union, “socialism,” etc.


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