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Ann Romney: “I love…that there are women…who don’t have a choice and…must go to work”


See CNN and Think Progress for more on this one (for the quote in the headline, see the end of the video embedded above). Frankly, I’m almost speechless at the Romneys’ (both Willard and Ann) arrogance and utter cluelessness about the lives of everyone but people like them — gazillionaires with funds stashed away in the Cayman Islands, plans to build a new mansion with a car elevator, and an economic philosophy straight out of Ayn Rand. Even more astounding is how someone like Willard can be supported by anyone other than his fellow gazillionaires. And, to the specific issue raised by this video clip of Ann Romney, how can any woman support the anti-birth-control, anti-choice, anti-health-care-for-families, mandatory “trans-vaginal ultrasound,” “war on women” party? It’s mind boggling.

P.S. Don’t forget, Ann Romney is the same person who cynically called criticism of her as never having had to go out and earn a living (because her husband was mega rich), as her “early birthday present”. In other words, she and Willard weren’t at all upset about some random Democratic TV talking head’s comments, they were thrilled beyond belief to try and use those comments to distract people from their party’s pathetic record on issues of concern to women (and men, for that matter). Look, bright shiny object over there! And, of course, the corporate/right-wing-dominated/biased media fell for it, hook line and sinker.