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Congratulations to Wayne Powell, Best of Luck Against Eric Can’tor!


Per The Richmonder and 7th CD Democratic candidate David Hunsicker’s Facebook page, it appears that Hunsicker is withdrawing and that Wayne Powell will be the Democratic nominee against Eric Can’tor this year.

Memo to all Facebook friends:

I have seen the Delegate numbers from the counties, and it would seem that only a series of both unusual and lucky events could now allow my candidacy to move forward.

So that the various chairs and committees don’t have to hold caucuses and a convention with little value, I wish to suspend my campaign for the Democratic nomination for Congress from Virginia’s 7th Congressional District.

I am a Democrat first and a candidate second.

Mr. Powell, I wish you well in your efforts to prevail against Eric Cantor.

Yes, this is a strongly “red”-leaning district, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strongly challenge a horrible Congresscritter like Can’tor. It also doesn’t mean that we can’t call Can’tor out for his anti-jobs, anti-women, anti-middle-class, anti-worker, anti-environment, 100% pro-corporate and pro-1% agenda. I look forward to Wayne Powell doing just that in coming months!


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