Kaine Campaign Statement on Republican Debate


    From the Kaine campaign:


    Richmond, VA – Following today’s Republican primary debate in Roanoke, Kaine for Virginia Communications Director Brandi Hoffine released the following statement:

    “Today’s debate demonstrates that voters in November will have a clear choice between Tim Kaine’s forward-looking policies to accelerate job growth and a return to tired strategies that led America into the greatest recession in 70 years. The approach the Republican candidates advocate would devastate federal investments in education, defense, and infrastructure that bolster and grow Virginia’s economy.  Their calls for dangerous privatization schemes for Social Security and Medicare would jeopardize a generations long guarantee of retirement security.  And, their support for divisive social legislation will only cause more polarization and gridlock in our politics.

    “Virginians know that the only candidate in this race with the record and right approach to grow our economy, tackle our fiscal challenges, and find common ground in Washington, is Tim Kaine. But, just as important, today’s debate put a spotlight on the stark difference between a negative and divisive style of politics that’s taking over Washington and Tim Kaine’s fundamentally optimistic view about the American people and our future.”


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