Laugh of the Day: Sarah Palin on “Today”


    And no, we’re not laughing with you Sarah, we’re most definitely laughing AT you (not to mention the John Bircher political party you belong to)!

    UPDATE: Senile, horny old coot John McCain (“get off my LAWN!!!”) says “Great job by @SarahPalinUSA on @TODAYShow this morning!” Yeah, if “great job” is defined as “mindless, grating and insipid” (just McCain’s type, apparently).

    • Peter Rousselot

      Having seen this video, and with the benefit of hindsight, we

      now know that “seeing Russia from my house” represented the high point of Sarah Palin’s policy expertise.

    • aznew

      As a morning talk show host, Sarah Palin is perfectly fine in my book. In fact, she is probably fairly smart and well-informed when compared to the average TV talking head.

      It is when she enters the realm of our national political discourse as an influential person, however, that it become problematic.

      That is what Palin never understood. No one ever “hated” her. In fact, based on this clip she comes across as a fairly likable person. Even her nutty political ideas don’t bother me — I’m friends with people even more conservative than she is.

      She just had no business running for vice president.

    • KathyinBlacksburg

      watching ABC instead (if you can) or setting your DVRs to record ABC’s Good Morning America, just to deny Sarah the ratings.  It is appalling that to get even with Katie Couric for leaving, NBC put her most outspoken partisan hack critic.  It is NBC sponsored revenge for Katie asking a very softball question, the likes of which Sarah couldn’t even handle. Pathetic.

      If she thinks she is going to still run for President at the convention, this is all the more inappropriate.  Really bad call by NBC.

    • kindler

      Superficial, appearance-oriented meaningless fluff. Yeah, that fits her skill set…