FLASHBACK: Ed Gillespie Lies Through Teeth, Even Gets Called On it By Faux “News”


    (Given the report by Politico that ex-RNC Chair Ed Gillespie is thinking about running for U.S. Senate against Mark Warner next year, I thought this article might be appropriate to rerun…enjoy! (in the video, the relevant part begins at around 3 minutes) – promoted by lowkell)

    Ed Gillespie, chair of Bob McDonnell’s gubernatorial campaign in 2009, has also been described as “an embedded lobbyist” who “opened a conduit for corporate America to strengthen its already formidable influence in the White House and Congress” and who “has demonstrated a disregard for the notion of a conflict of interest” throughout his career. So, it’s no surprise to see him lying through his teeth on TV this morning — lying so egregiously, in fact, that even Faux “News” host Chris Wallace calls him on it. Basically, it’s a total load of horse manure, part and parcel of the “if their lips are moving they’re lying” Romney campaign.

    Gillespie doesn’t even attempt to defend the substance of the claim because there is little substance to it.

    The 92 percent figure obscures the fact that many more men than women lost jobs in the recession, as Wallaces forces Gillespie to admit. The key is timing. Men tend to be concentrated in industries that were hit first, like construction, so they lost their jobs first, while women tend to be contracted in the public sector, which had layoffs later on when state and local governments slashed their budgets.

    In fact, it was Republican lawmakers and governors who led this effort, accounting for over 70 of percent state layoffs, so Romney’s claim is effectively blaming Obama for policies that Romney supports (cutting government workforces).

    Wait a minute, state governments slashing their budgets led to women losing their jobs (on top of the Bush/Republican Recession that was inherited by Barack Obama when he took office)? And who heads most state governments, including Virginia’s, these days? Oh yeah, Republican’ts like Bob McDonnell. Perhaps that’s who Ed Gillespie meant to blame for throwing women out of work?


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