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Obama Campaign Has No Idea How to Inspire Environmentalists


The Barack Obama campaign has apparently made a decision to run to the right of mainstream America on environmental issues. That’s their choice, but if they don’t want to fire up environmentalists to fight to re-elect President Obama, why are they now launching a ham-handed Environmentalists for Obama campaign?

The Obama campaign released this video in conjunction with Earth Day, but as ClimateProgress’ Joe Romm points out, it makes no mention of global warming, the biggest threat to Earth’s life and ecosystems. That’s why I say the Obama campaign is running to the right of America – poll after poll shows a majority of Americans understand the threat posed by climate change, but the Obama campaign has apparently chosen to ignore the majority’s concerns and instead woo the skeptical minority. Best of luck with that.

Also noticeably absent from President Obama’s Earth Day outreach to environmentalists – wildlife. The video shows beautiful landscapes and depicts them as great habitats for mountain bikers and little else. Really? Not even a quick shot of a bald eagle, that great Endangered Species Act success story?

I was most confused and frankly insulted by the Obama campaign having their man go on and on about “energy independence.” This is supposed to be the environmentalist pitch and you’re talking to me not about less drilling and fewer oil spills, but about national security?

Environmentalists are ready to be fired up to re-elect President Obama. But if his campaign doesn’t know how to drop the cold-blooded calculated messaging for even two minutes to inspire their base, a key opportunity could be lost.