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Other than “Individual Mandate” – a Conservative Idea – Obamacare is Wildly Popular!


According to Ipsos polling, it’s not even close: other than the “individual mandate” — a core conservative idea for decades until adopted by Democrats (ironically, Barack Obama differed with Hillary Clinton on this in the 2008 debates, but then was told the insurance companies demanded the “mandate” in exchange for everything else) — “Obamacare” is not just popular, it’s WILDLY popular. We’re talking support levels for individual components of “Obamacare” at 80% plus. So why isn’t “Obamacare” overall more popular than its roughly even split among the American people? I’d say several factors, but mostly a constant barrage of lies and dis/misinformation from Republicans and the corporate media, combined with a godawful job by Democrats of explaining all the great stuff that’s in “Obamacare.” Even so, what’s amazing is how wildly popular the individual components of this plan are, and how pissed off people are going to be if they start being excluded for preexisting conditions again, if they start seeing their policies canceled because they became ill, if they start running up against a “lifetime cap” and lose coverage, etc.


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