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Video: President Obama “Slow Jams the News” With Jimmy Fallon


OK, I know we all care about the important issues of the day and all that. But can I just point out that Barack Obama has more coolness factor in his pinky toe than Willard has in his entire mani-pedi’ed-coiffed body? Heh. Seriously, does this video rock or what? And can anyone imagine corporate entity Willard “Mitt” Romney, lately rumored to be defined by the Supreme Court as a “person,” doing this? Uh, don’t think so. Slow jam THIS Willard!

P.S. Obama’s “coolness” isn’t just entertaining, it’s also deeply reassuring. You think it didn’t require an extremely cool-headed person to lead this country through what easily could have been Great Depression Part II (thank you Republicans!), not to mention ordering the risky raid that finally got America’s Archenemy #1, Osama bin Laden? You think flippin’ Willard, flailing erratically (hysterically?) from one position to its polar opposite, desperate to be president but with no clue what he’d do if he ever got the job, could have pulled either of those off? Oh yeah, Willard’s brilliant idea was to let Detroit to go bankrupt, and for the rest of the economy to go belly-up as well apparently. That’s not competent, it’s certainly not “compassionate conservative,” and it’s most definitely not cool.


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