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Prince William County Democrats Welcome “Unprincipled Demagogue” Corey Stewart to LG Race


The Prince William County Democratic Committee “welcomes” Corey Stewart, “unprincipled demagogue” (so true!) to the race for Virginia Lieutenant Governor. It’s not just his rabid, anti-Latino/anti-immigrant demagoguery, it’s also a host of other issues, outlined below. This guy’s about THE LAST person you’d ever want holding a position of authority in this state.

Corey Stewart…Unprincipled Demagogue

No one should be surprised that Corey Stewart is not focused on Prince William County.  Stewart has been running for any available office higher than Chairman of the Board of County Supervisors for the past 8 years, including the US Senate and previously for the Lt. Governor position now held by Lt. Governor Bill Bolling in addition to 5 other positions. Neglecting his official duties to campaign for higher office is more of the same for Stewart.

Throughout his career as a politician, Stewart has shown remarkable inconsistency:

When his predecessor, Sean Connaughton was Chairman of the BOCS and running for Lt. Governor, Stewart demanded that Connaughton step down from the Chairmanship; now Stewart refuses to do the same;

Stewart holds himself out to be above corruption, yet used Prince William County staff and the County email system to solicit attendance at a campaign fund raiser;

Stewart signed a commitment to uphold the “Rural Crescent” 10 acre zoning, now that he is running for Lt. Governor and has received substantial contributions from developers, the “Rural Crescent” is in jeopardy with Stewart making it known that the “Rural Crescent” is open for development;

Stewart’s initiative on bringing a beefed up AZ immigration law to Prince William County which would require county law enforcement to racially and ethnically profile persons in the county when observing people doing their daily activities, first was passed by the BOCS and then rescinded when it was brought to the attention of the majority of the BOCS that the Stewart plan would give law enforcement authority to stop anyone for any reason or without reason and require the person stopped to produce identity papers.

Stewart’s policies helped create the highest foreclosure rate in Virginia and one of the highest in the US by bullying citizens and non-citizens to leave their homes and flee from Prince William County.

This is the Stewart legacy in Prince William County.

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