ProgressVA Leads Commonwealth’s Romneycare Anniversary Celebration


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    Richmond, VA – Today, ProgressVA joins Americans across the country to celebrate the six-year anniversary of Mitt Romney’s signing of Massachusetts’ health care reform law–the predicate to our national law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

    “Many Americans still don’t know that Mitt Romney was the pioneer of our nation’s health care reform law,” said Anna Scholl, executive director of ProgressVA. “On this anniversary of Romneycare, Romney deserves a shout-out for his progressive leadership on health care. We encourage all Virginians to visit to learn more and then Tweet their thanks using #ThanksRomneycare.

    More about the campaign below the fold.

    The website and campaign includes:

    • A webform
    • A “quick tweet” feature, using the hashtag #ThanksRomneycare enabling Twitter users to share their own health care reform stories
    • A Facebook page enabling supporters to share their health care stories

    Join the campaign, and read more at is a project ofProgressNow New Mexico


    ProgressVA is a progressive, multi-issue advocacy organization that seeks to engage citizens from across the Commonwealth around issues of immediate state or local concern.


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