Rob Wittman (R, VA-01) demonstrates GOP hypocrisy


    The Chinese have an adage:  “If you wait beside the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”  

    The modern corollary to this is:  “Wait about five minutes and Republicans will prove what monstrous hypocrites they are.”

    Rob Wittman has provided us just such an example of Republican hypocrisy.

    Details below the fold.

    In his “Report to the District” published in the Northumberland Echo 11 April edition, Wittman makes the following statement:  

    I believe that important health care decisions should be made by patients and doctors, not insurance companies or government bureaucrats.  Policy that allows government to interfere in the patient-doctor relationship, while also continuing the increases in health care costs, is simply bad policy.

    Wittman needs to sit down with his Republican brethren in the Virginia General Assembly and governor’s mansion so they can get their lies straight.

    According to Wittman, Republicans in the General Assembly and Governor McDonnell made exceptionally bad health care policy when they passed legislation requiring a woman who is seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound examination.

    This new Virginia law meets Wittman’s formula for bad policy on every count.

    1.  The Virginia law is a health care decision made by government bureaucrats, not by patients and doctors.

    2.  The Virginia law will drive up health care costs for individuals because it mandates a medically unnecessary procedure for which insurance companies will not pay.

    3.  The Virginia law interferes in the patient-doctor relationship.

    Perhaps Wittman or a Republican member of the General Assembly can explain this hypocrisy.

    Meanwhile, let’s remind voters in VA-01 that in November we will have the opportunity to rid ourselves of Rob Wittman and his hypocrisy.

    How about Blue Virginians in VA-01 show some love to the young man who can end Wittman’s reign of error — Adam Cook of Fredericksburg.


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