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Study: Sunday Talk Shows Overwhelmingly White, Male, Republican


The graphic is by Think Progress, the numbers are from Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting, and the conclusion is clear: not only is the media NOT – in any way, shape or form – “liberal” (which the teahadists’ tshirts and signs tell you not to believe, it’s actually biased heavily to the right, at least on the influential Sunday talk shows. Even when the networks DO have Democrats on their shows, FAIR points out that they “tend to be of a more moderate variety than the Republicans” (people like conservadem Harold Ford and whatever-he-is Juan Williams). What about progressive voices to balance out the deluge of (far)right-wing voices on the Sunday talk shows? Ha, you MUST be kidding!

Meanwhile, as if the wild ideological imbalance towards the (far) right isn’t bad enough, the major networks also don’t seem to like having women or non-white faces (unless they’re super entertaining, “controversial” and conservative like Herman Cain) on their shows.

In sum, FAIR concludes: “It’s likely that the other networks would never say that they aim to provide a very narrow, very white and male, overwhelmingly conservative view of the world to their viewers every Sunday morning. But that’s precisely what they do.


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