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Supermajority of Americans Want Congress to Pass Buffett Rule


According to a new Gallup poll, 74% of Democrats, 63% of independents & even 43% of Republicans want the wealthy to pay their fair share. And even high income Americans themselves don’t seem to mind:

Americans in general say that the distribution of money and wealth in this country is not fair, and that money and wealth should be more evenly distributed. Plus, 59% of Americans last year agreed that households making $250,000 or more per year should pay higher taxes. The current results reinforce these findings and underscore the now well-documented conclusion that Americans in general support various proposals for increasing taxes on higher-income Americans.

Gallup’s surveys do not allow the isolation of the very few respondents who might actually themselves make $1 million per year or more, but the more limited income categories that are defined show little variation in response to the Buffett Rule by income. A majority (55%) of those making $100,000 or more in annual household income favor the Buffett Rule, similar to the level of support from lower-income Americans.

You sometimes hear people say that Virginia Democrats may be reluctant to support the Buffett Rule because of all of the high-income people in the DC suburbs … but that last line blows that argument out of the water, doesn’t it?


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