The Search for Truth Under the Cloak of Journalistic Objectivity


    Failure to point out clear partisan political maneuvers can no longer be hidden behind the idea of “journalistic objectivity” while democratic processes are undermined by a political party that prays to the altar of Machiavelli in his darkest hour. Reuter’s ran a story on April 21st which commented that the new state voter registration laws “could” harm President Obama’s chances for re-election. While no “smoking gun” evidence can be found to prove the true intentions of these voter registration laws, few political commentators, writers, or enthusiasts are under any illusion as to their purpose. The Republican Party wants to disenfranchise many potential voters for Democratic candidates and President Obama in particular.

    Indeed, it’s no coincidence that these laws are being discussed and created during an election year that will witness a weak Republican nominee for president and the unfortunate possibility of a Republican controlled Congress. Such a political maneuver would also be in line with the unscrupulous and undemocratic tactics of a Republican Party that has been hijacked by far-right groups like ALEC and publicly promoted by the likes of Crossroads GPS.  

    So while thousands of Americans, at the very least, stand to be denied their right to vote for unjustifiable legal reasons, America’s news agencies continue to hide behind the cloak of non-partisan objectivity. What good is an institution that watches as the individuals it claims to seek truth for passively watches as the democratic rights of American citizens are eroded?

    In American society today, the mainstream media and news services have largely become tarnished monuments that no longer stand for anything other than an abstract idea which is no longer truly sought. The idea of “truth” should therefore be spelled out with a “t” in subscripts, a “t” which represents the diminished level of truth that is actually represented in and through these


    While Americans continue to lose (enter your word of choice), at least Reuters and other news agencies will be able to keep on reporting the “truth.”  


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