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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, April 18. Also, check out the video of Donald McEachin – and other video of Governor McGimmick – at Decision Virginia.

*Dulles Rail in the Balance (Interesting analysis by Sen. Chap Petersen)

*Democrats in Virginia Senate block budget again over road dispute

*Budget battle continues with partisan lines drawn

*Schapiro: Democratic nomination now worth something

*Sorensen gala gathers nine Va. governors

*Allen to speak at Shad Planking, while opponent Kaine will skip

*McLean Neighbor Weighs Gubernatorial Bid Announcement After November Election (“McAuliffe: A year is ‘long enough’ to run for governor.”)

*Kaine: Senate needs to make ‘hard decisions’

*Unlikely source reveals Allen ‘endorsement’ of Romney

*Study: Silver Line worth $386m in taxes for Loudoun

*Editorial: A failed fix to a bad bill (“Gov. Bob McDonnell’s amendments to voter identification legislation are proving to be an aggravation before the measure becomes law.”)

*Editorial: The letter and spirit of the open meeting law (“Fairfax School Board members tried to avoid a messy school closure vote. Instead they got a messy lawsuit.”)

*Space Shuttle’s final ride gives Washington ‘awe-inspiring’ sight


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