Virginians Wish Our 3rd U.S. Senator A Very Happy 80th Birthday


    Sen. Dick Lugar (R-McLean, VA) has delivered for Virginia families

    lugar-bday-card.jpgProgressVA today wished US Senator Dick Lugar a very happy birthday and thanked him for all his work on behalf of Virginia families. A resident of McLean, VA, Senator Lugar has delivered results for Virginia voters.

    We at ProgressVA so pleased he has chosen to call our fair Commonwealth home and for the numerous earmarks he’s delivered for Virginia families. While Senator Lugar may live in Northern Virginia, his record demonstrates his concern for every corner of the Commonwealth. Our slogan may be “Virginia is for lovers” but the truth is that Virginians love their 3rd Senator, Dick Lugar.

    Senator Lugar has voted to approve projects of importance to regions across the Commonwealth, including:

    • $100,000 to Bedford County, Virginia for construction of the National D-Day Memorial;
    • $400,000 to Northampton County, Virginia for construction of a community center;

    Many more of Sen. Lugar’s Virginia projects below the fold.

    • $200,000 to the Alexandria Redevelopment Housing Authority in Alexandria, Virginia for renovations of the Family Resource Learning Center;
    • $250,000 to the City of Chesapeake, Virginia for improvements to the Poindexter streetscape;
    • $100,000 to the City of Martinsville, Virginia for the expansion of the West Piedmont Business Development Center;
    • $300,000 to the City of Richmond, Virginia for the construction of the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation Education Center;
    • $250,000 to the City of Roanoke, Virginia for renovations to the Southwestern Virginia Food Bank;
    • $150,000 to the City of Staunton, Virginia for building renovations and improvements to downtown buildings;
    • $500,000 for the Christopher Newport News University Real Estate Foundation for the Warwick Boulevard Commercial Corridor Redevelopment Project in Newport News, Virginia;

    Sources:, The Library of Congress

    As the home of such illustrious patriots as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and Patrick Henry, it’s no wonder Dick Lugar would like to join their company. On behalf of all Virginians, we’re proud to wish Dick Lugar a happy 80th birthday and thank him for his service as our 3rd Senator.


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