Why is Brian Moran still DPVA chair?


    On Monday, 23 April, a diary was posted to BlueVirginia titled:  “Loudoun County Republicans Revealed Themselves in the 2012 General Assembly Session.”

    The heart of that diary is a quote by Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chair Evan Macbeth in which he lays out in a few hard-hitting sentences the destruction caused by the Loudon County GOP delegation in the 2012 General Assembly.

    In fact, the exact same words could have been used to describe the GOP members of the General Assembly from any county or district in the state.

    So — why didn’t that happen?

    More below the fold.

    This is what happens when you have a part-time, incompetent DPVA chair and staff.

    Go back and read that diary, especially the quote by Loudoun County Democratic Committee Chair Evan Macbeth.

    The DPVA and every single county and district Democratic Committee in the state should be shouting the very same thing from the rooftops, writing letters to editors, giving teevee and radio interviews, calling local and state radio talk shows.  The DPVA should have put out, through its extensive, well-oiled email and phone tree network, instructions and wording for us to use.  

    Wait a minute — you say the DPVA does not have a well-oiled email and phone tree network and does not have a truth squad that prepares releases to be spread statewide by their non-existent truth network?

    So — why does Brian Moran still have a job?  Why does ANYONE at DPVA still have a job?

    It’s probably too late for this to happen — but — Democratic committees across the state are holding their caucuses in the next few weeks.  What would happen if at each caucus, a resolution were introduced stating something like this:

    Whereas Brian Moran has proven time and again he’s an incompetent DPVA chair, and Whereas he spends most of his time entertaining George Bush on behalf of private schools, and Whereas he has done next to nothing to advance the cause of Democrats in Virginia, THEREBY BE IT RESOLVED that the XXXXX Democratic Committee has no confidence in his “leadership” and we call on him to resign immediately.

    Use your own words, add as many “Whereas” statements as you please.  If enough of these were introduced, even if none of them passed, maybe we could light some fires . . .  


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