Anthony Flaccavento, VA-09 !!!!!!! The Real Deal !!!!


    Well – here’s some good news:  Anthony Flaccavento announced his candidacy in VA-09,  challenging first-term Republican Morgan Griffith who defeated veteran Representative Rick Boucher in the Tea Party flood of 2010.…

    In the 9th District, Democrats held their convention in Dublin, where Abingdon sustainability consultant and farmer Anthony Flaccavento secured the nomination in his bid to challenge another freshman Republican, Rep. Morgan Griffith, R-Salem.

    Flaccavento was excited about the nomination, and said that the party appears energized, based on the convention being a packed house.

    “I think the Democrats are getting the wind back in their sails,” he said.

    Flaccavento said he feels that his entrepreneurial background and the ability to both start and finish projects gained the confidence of his party. Now that he has been formally nominated, Flaccavento said he plans to aggressively connect with people in the district to learn their thoughts and concerns. He has more than 400 volunteers for his campaign so far and Flaccavento said he wants to reach out to all demographics of people to make himself known.

    “I think it’s going to be exciting. We’re going to be a very well organized campaign,” he said.


    Follow below the fold.

    Anthony is an organic farmer with dirt under his fingernails.  He is well-known and respected in SW Virginia, NE Tennessee, SE Kentucky, and S West Virginia.  He is the model of a grass-roots organizer.  He speaks the language of the people in the 9th District.

    Anthony is a true progressive Democrat.  

    In 1995 he founded Appalachian Sustainable Development, a non-profit headquartered in Abingdon that became a regional and national leader in sustainable economic development.  In 2009, he left ASD and founded SCALE, Inc., a private consulting business that works with farmers, community leaders, foundations, economic development agencies and others in Appalachia, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

    From 1995 to 2001 I was the director of a non-profit agency working in the coal fields, repairing existing homes and building new homes for low- and very-low income families.  I encountered Anthony and frequently sought his advice.  He’s a riveting speaker and a tireless worker.  Above all, he is the REAL DEAL and he connects with people.

    Here are some links that will tell you more about Anthony.

    http://www.leadershipforchange…  (Scroll down)

    Watch the video to see him in action:…

    Here’s his new organization:

    And here’s his campaign website:

    (Of course, DPVA may not be too excited about a guy with dirt under his fingernails, but, what do they know about anything?)


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