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Chap Petersen, Leslie Byrne Issue “positive endorsement for Ben”


The following is an email I just received from Sen. Chap Petersen and former Rep. Leslie Byrne (also see the impressive list of endorsers at the end of the letter), making the case for why people should vote for Ben Tribbett this coming Saturday. My reasoning is very similar to Chap's and Leslie's. Bolding's added by me for emphasis.

Dear Democrats,

Next weekend we have our quadrennial state Democratic convention.  This is the moment- once every four years- where the grassroots of the party can have a direct say in how our party will move forward.

We are writing you today to ask that at this convention you join us in supporting Ben Tribbett to be a member of the Democratic National Committee.

The DNC committee member spot is one of the highest positions in our party.  DNC members sit on the State Steering Committee and represents Virginia at the national committee meetings.  This is a position that allows the person we elect to shape the party on platform, direction, technology and how we win elections.

We are supporting Ben because he can move us forward in all of those areas.

On platform issues, Ben is a committed progressive.  He has also been endorsed by the Co-Chairs of the legislative progressive caucus, Adam Ebbin and Patrick Hope, for this position.  We can trust Ben to stand up for equal right, labor fairness and the environment in our platform.

On technology issues, no other candidate for this position can match Ben's experience.  In 2006 he was instrumental in creating the viral impact of a video known later as the “macaca video” that helped us finally remove George Allen from the United State Senate.  There are books available in your local library on Ben's impact on this story if you want more information on his key role.  Ben has also run one of the state's most influential political blogs called “Not Larry Sabato” since 2005.  This year he posted another viral video of Dave Albo on the house floor- creating a national story that embarrassed Virginia Republicans and opening a door for us in the next election. Ben is exactly who we want on the DNC helping guide our national technology strategy.

The Democratic Party must focus on winning elections, especially here in Virginia where recent losses have brought us “leaders” like Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli.  Ben has been an key part of many Democratic wins at all levels of government here in Virginia.  Ben ran Chap Petersen's first campaign for the House of Delegates- a huge upset victory and served as a general consultant to his 2007 win for the State Senate over another GOP incumbent.  When Leslie Byrne was running for the same Senate seat in 1999, Ben was President of the Fairfax YD's and ran a voter turnout program of college students that generated an extra 300 votes in the district- in a race decided by only 37 votes.  In addition, he has managed campaigns outside of northern Virginia and is familiar with the challenges facing Democrats running downstate. 

We don't seek to talk down the other candidates, who are also friends.  Instead, this is a positive endorsement for Ben.  In addition to our recommendation, we are listing those Democratic officials, both state and local, who have agreed to endorse his candidacy.  Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions.  . 


Leslie Byrne

Chap Petersen

Former Congresswoman Leslie Byrne
Former Delegate Chuck Caputo
Senator Adam Ebbin
Delegate Patrick Hope
Delegate Mark Keam
Delegate Kaye Kory
Senator Louise Lucas
Former Senator Emilie Miller
Senator Chap Petersen
Delegate Scott Surovell

Russell County Supervisor Jon Bowerbank
Roanoke City Mayor David Bowers
Leesburg Councilwoman Kelly Burk
Fairfax City Councilman Dan Drummond
Albermarle Supervisor Chris Dumler
Fairfax County Supervisor John Foust
Rockingham County School Board Member Lowell Fulk
Arlington County Board Member Libby Garvey
Former Fairfax School Board Member Tina Hone
Fairfax County School Board Member Ryan McElveen
Former Loudoun County Supervisor Andrea McGimsey
Fairfax County Supervisor Jeff McKay
Virginia Beach School Board Member Brent McKenzie
Fairfax School Board Member Megan McLaughlin
Henrico School Board Member John Montgomery
Arlington County Commissoner of Revenue Ingrid Morroy
Former Fairfax School Board Member Janet Oleszek
Russell County Supervisor Joe Puckett
Fairfax City Mayor-Elect Scott Silverthrorne
Fairfax School Board Member Kathy Smith
Arlington County Commonwealth's Attorney Theo Stamos

Fairfax County School Board Member Ted Velkoff 


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