Greene County, Virginia GOP Now Claims “Armed Revolution” Was Just Metaphorical


    But of course!

    The media in Greene County and nearby Charlottesville took note of our report and ran their own stories on McPhee’s call for armed revolution. McPhee got defensive after the local media began investigating. He claimed in a statement posted on the Greene County GOP website yesterday that the “media hype” was all a misunderstanding because he was just speaking metaphorically. When he wrote “armed revolution,” he was really just talking about people speaking out.

    That’s right, it’s not about actual armed revolution, it’s about “being armed with the voices of We the people…..just as the founding fathers spoke out during the revolution….as your constitution allows.” And if you believe that one, I hear there are some nice bridges for sale in Greene County! LOL

    P.S. Also, see the WJLA-TV story about this, from last night’s evening news, on the “flip.”

    P.P.S. Any comments yet from Sen. Hanger, Del. Bell, or the Republican Party of Virginia?

    UPDATE: The Greene County Republican Committee has announced that McPhee is now the “former Newsletter Editor.” They also write, “The Greene County Republican Committee denounces such language and does not subscribe to that thinking.” Perhaps not, but there are a fair number on your “team” who do, sadly.

    • pontoon

      How stupid do these people believe we are?

    • Dan Sullivan

      …and maybe even that deer head in the mailbox.

      He should have asked someone at the UVA radio station where he broadcasts for a better term…hyperbole maybe. Nah, wouldn’t have helped.

    • Teddy Goodson

      exposing the revolution dreck published in the newsletter caused some sort of retraction from Republicans in Greene County, which means there is still some sense of “this isn’t done” from the more adult members of the reactionary side. My sympathies go to the poor hound dog mascot pictured in the newsletter; the animal’s job description of “White House watchdog” is obviously not to his liking.