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Kaine: Greene County GOP call for “armed revolution” is “over-the-top hate and vitriol”


The following email is from the Tim Kaine for Senate campaign:


I'm continually amazed by the over-the-top hate and vitriol that some people insert into politics. But today, I learned of an instance here in Virginia that goes so far over the line, it's really unbelievable. 

The Greene County Republican Committee sent out a newsletter that labeled President Obama a “socialist ideologue” and called for “armed revolution should we fail with the power of the vote in November.” 

It's bad enough when politicians try to pit us against one another, but inciting violence is completely unacceptable. Worst of all, this comes from an institution that is supposed to help people get involved in the democratic process. 

I want to build a campaign that motivates people to participate in and improve our democratic process — not tear it down. And I'm counting on your help. A new poll shows this race continues to be deadlocked, and with all of the secret money and incendiary rhetoric coming from the other side, it's going to take a massive grassroots effort to take them on and win in November. 

Will you make a contribution and help us add another 500 new donors before the upcoming May 23rd FEC deadline? Our race is tied, and we need all the resources possible to get our message out. A gift of $5 or more puts us that much closer to reaching our goal. 

The extreme language in this newsletter is just the latest in the line of divisive attacks we've seen from the other side. Outside groups have already poured nearly $1.5 million in secret money into Virginia — funding false television ads with a partisan message that seeks to drive people apart rather than bring them together. 

We need to discuss the pressing issues of the day honestly and openly, and approach differences of opinion with an aim toward finding common ground — not scoring political points. That's how I approached challenges as your Governor, and I'll continue that approach as I work to strengthen our economy in the U.S. Senate. 

Can you make a contribution today of $5 or more and help to restore the politics of respect and defeat the politics of division? 

Thanks so much for your support, 

Tim Kaine  


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