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Kaine Campaign Rips “George Allen and his fellow Tea Party contenders”


From the Kaine campaign, bolding added by me for emphasis:

Richmond, VA – Following tonight’s Republican primary debate in Falls Church, Kaine for Virginia Communications Director Brandi Hoffine released the following statement:

“Tonight, Virginia voters heard George Allen and his fellow Tea Party contenders push reckless economic policies that would damage Virginia’s economy, create more uncertainty for our businesses, and make our nation less globally competitive. Their extreme all cuts approach to deficit reduction would make it impossible to make the investments in education and infrastructure we need to ensure our role as an economic superpower in the 21st century. And George Allen continues to avoid his dismal fiscal record during his previous term in the U.S. Senate. Unfortunately for George Allen, Virginia voters remember the $3 trillion he added to the national debt as a Senator, the four debt ceiling hikes without corresponding spending cuts, and the four times he voted to raise his own pay.

Virginia women should be particularly concerned by what they heard tonight. The policies promoted by George Allen and others would roll back the clock on decades of economic progress and personal liberty for Virginia women. George Allen’s call to repeal health care provisions that provide affordable contraception coverage to millions and his tortured avoidance of the Paycheck Fairness Act clearly show Virginia women that he is not on their side.

“It is clear that George Allen and his colleagues are more focused on fighting yesterday’s battles, while Tim Kaine continues to present a comprehensive, Virginia-based vision to strengthen our economy and create jobs. We are eager to contrast Tim Kaine’s forward-focused vision for our future with the GOP approach, which would roll back decades of progress and return to the same failed policies that crashed our economy.


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