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Kaine on Tonight’s GOP Debate: The “choice could not be more clear”


From the Kaine for Senate campaign: 


Richmond, VA – Following tonight's Republican primary debate in Virginia Beach, Kaine for Virginia Communications Director Brandi Hoffine released the following statement:

“On key issues in tonight's debate, including the right strategies to support small business and the military, the choice could not be more clear. Tim Kaine will increase access to capital and workforce training to help small businesses grow and hire, while the Republicans advocate deep cuts that will choke-off small business investments and eliminate tax breaks that help small businesses provide health care for their employees. The Republican all-cuts approach would not only leave programs like TRICARE, veterans job training, and national defense vulnerable, but their gridlock politics will fundamentally jeopardize military preparedness and economic growth. Tim Kaine's balanced approach of significant spending cuts as well as investments will ensure our federal budget gets thinner without making our nation weaker. That approach to finding common ground benefits all Virginians and that's why so many of them are supporting Tim Kaine's forward-focused campaign.” 


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