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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, May 29.

*Romney’s pants on fire (“He goes too far with the exaggerated and untrue attacks on Obama.”)

*Virginia uranium critics cry foul (“Environmental groups complain that a state study of how mining could be done is being conducted behind closed doors with little public input.”)

*Editorial: Va. isn’t taking care of business (“A watchdog group gave lawmakers high marks, with a crucial exception.”)

*Va. GOP faces key decision on 2013 (“Proposed switch from primary to convention could help Cuccinelli”)

*Editorial: A familiar warning (“Adequate housing is crucial in transitioning individuals from mental institutions to community care.”)

*Warner shows Obama, Dems how it’s done in Virginia (An editorial masquerading as “news” in the cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs, right-wingnut Washington Examiner)

*IN OTHER WORDS: Mr. Kaine on Mr. Smith in Washington

*Dentist indicted on prescription, fraud charges

*Virginia Tech is working toward camera-covered campus

*Eric Cantor’s challenger admires Calvin Coolidge, wants end to drug war

*Marlins snap Nationals’ streak

*Forecast: Mega-mugginess ends by tomorrow; storms later today and tonight


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