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Virginia News Headlines: Wednesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, May 30. Also, watch the video, and next time somebody tells you they’re supporting Trump’s friend Willard, or that they think Willard is a serious human being, just refer to this. And laugh.

*VA Governor Wants Police To Use ‘Great’ Surveillance Drones Because ‘We Use [Them] On The Battlefield’ (Wow, can you imagine if Tim Kaine had proposed this when he was governor? Republicans, right-wingnut bloggers, etc. would be going nuts!)

*McDonnell says Romney not vetting him for VPn (They don’t want “Transvaginal Bob” but they hang out with “Birther” Trump? I guess Trump brings a lot more…uh…$$$$ to the table than T-Bob!)

*Virginia politicos roast longtime columnist (Love the typos in your article, Anita! — “gunuine”, “guberntorial”, “a nd”)

*Cantor challenged in GOP Primary

*Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell Says He Doesn’t Oppose Gay Judges (Yeah right, Bob, nice try with the Big Lie. For the truth, see here and here and here and a bunch of other places.)

*Schapiro: Parties’ problems are candidates not process

*Fairfax County board member seeks audit of troubled social services agency

*PolitiFact: Moran claim about U.S. weapons in Mexico correct

*VRS aims to recoup $28.7M

*Cuccinelli backs Kaine on Dulles rail project (Whoa, what?!? Double take! LOL)

*McDonnell, O’Malley also in spotlight in Walker recall (“Local governors take national stance on Wisconsin election”)

*McDonnell launches Virginia’s new veteran ID card program

*Richmond school leaders balance budget with job cuts, furlough days

*Northern Virginia Shows Support for Rail (“A recent poll shows that 83 percent of Northern Virginians favor the completion of the Silver Line into Loudoun County, according to an article on WTOP.”)


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