Who is on the education task force of ALEC?


    Virginia legislators who are members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) task force as of July 2011 are Del. Mark Cole (Fredericksburg), Del. Marvin Cox, (Colonial Heights), Del. R. Steven Landes, (Verona), Sen. Stephen Newman, (Lynchburg), and Del. Robert Tata (Virginia Beach). Complete task force listing here: http://site.pfaw.org/pdf/ALEC-…

    ALEC’s hallmark is promotion of privatization and corporate interests in every sphere, not only education, but healthcare, the environment, the economy, voting laws, public safety, etc. It drafts model legislation that conservative legislators take back to their states and introduce as their own “reform” ideas. ALEC is the guiding force behind state-level efforts to privatize public education and to turn teachers into at-will employees who may be fired for any reason.

    * in parens () is where the Representative lives or works.


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