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I Was Not Going to Endorse in the Alexandria City Council Race, But….


now I am.

The partner of Alexandria City Council candidate Sean Holihan donated $3,000 to Alexandria Democrats for Responsible Government, the political action committee responsible for an attack ad against candidate Boyd Walker.

Holihan and Walker are two of 14 Democratic candidates in Tuesday’s primary, where voters will select six nominees for the Nov. 6 General Election.

Danny Barefoot told Patch he made the donation to Alexandria Democrats for Responsible Government because “as a private citizen” he agreed with the PAC’s platform, including its support of the city’s waterfront plan and for smart growth development practices in Alexandria.

“Sean was not aware of my donation,” Barefoot said.


Holihan told Patch he was unaware of Barefoot’s donation until after he made it.

I have to say I’m pretty shocked and disappointed,” Holihan wrote in an email. “I personally do not support nor would I make a donation to this PAC.

Uh huh, yeah right, and I’ve got a really nice bridge over some prime swampland to sell you. Also, I’d point out that Sean and I have been on opposite sides in many intra-Democratic Party races over the years, starting with good ol’ Harris Miller (Sean supported him strongly) vs. Jim Webb (I co-founded the “draft” movement and worked as Webb’s netroots coordinator), and continuing through 2009 (Sean supported Brian Moran for governor; I was for Terry McAuliffe) and 2010 (Sean supported Gaylene Kanoyton; I was strongly for Susan Mariner for DPVA 1st Vice Chair), etc. Sensing a pattern here?  ðŸ˜‰

Anyway, as I said, I wasn’t planning to endorse in the Alexandria City Council race, but this story tipped me over the edge. In addition, I had the chance last night at the Alexandria JJ dinner to meet several of the candidates, talk to them, and get a feel for what makes them tick. I’ve read their literature, talked to other knowledgeable Alexandria Democrats, and have decided to endorse the following five Democrats (in no particular order) for the primary on Tuesday. Note that you can vote for six Democrats on Tuesday out of 14 candidates; these are the five I’m most comfortable with based on my criteria: progressive, strong on environmental/”smart growth” issues, grassroots-oriented, sincere, serious, substantive.

1. Victoria Menjivar

2. Sammie Moshenberg

3. Arthur Peabody

4. Boyd Walker

5. Allison Silberberg

P.S. Also note that all five of the candidates I’ve ended up endorsing were also endorsed by Alexandrians for Sensible Growth and Alexandrians for a Livable City (although it’s more coincidental than anything, as I had basically come to the same conclusions). In addition, note that Virginia New Majority endorsed Sammie Moshenberg, Arthur Peabody, and Victoria Menjivar, all of whom I’ve also endorsed. Finally, Democrats for a Better Alexandria endorsed Moshenberg, Peabody, and Boyd Walker, all  of whom I’ve endorsed as well.

P.P.S. If you’re looking for one more candidate, I’d recommend that you check out Melissa Feld (no relation, at least to my knowledge); she’s got a strong bio and I was impressed with her when we spoke last night.


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