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Video: President Obama Addresses Netroots Nation 2012


Here’s video of President Obama’s address to Netroots Nation 2012, being held this weekend in Providence, Rhode Island. I’m not at the conference (mostly because it would cost hundreds of dollars out of pocket), but I did get a chance to catch Revitalizing State and Local Blogging earlier today. Great job moderating by Andrew Villeneuve of the Northwest Progressive Institute; I actually can’t recall seeing a more well-moderated panel, with more constructive audience participation (as opposed to people getting up and giving mini-speeches, instead of asking a question) than I saw in this panel — good stuff. I was also particularly impressed with Phillip Martin of Burnt Orange Report (the Texas equivalent of Blue Virginia) and Bob Plain of RIFuture.org. Lots of good ideas from them and from many others in that room about how to strengthen progressive state blogging. Nice job, everyone!


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