Home Energy and Environment Video: “Up, Up And Away: Fox’s Gas Price Predictions Fall Flat”

Video: “Up, Up And Away: Fox’s Gas Price Predictions Fall Flat”


The Big Lie network, also known as “wildly unfair and completely unbalanced,” strike again. This time, their hysteria over “gas prices” was completely wrong, not to mention wildly unprofessional, ignorant (of economics, to start with), and irresponsible. In other words, just another day at Faux “News,” where the facts have absolutely nothing to do with anything they’re talking about.

P.S. With NYMEX crude oil prices now around $84 per barrel, it’s a lot more likely that gasoline prices will continue falling, not rising, as Faux “News” hysterically prays they do (to hurt President Obama’s reelection chances, of course).

P.P.S. Notice Dick Morris’ smarmy/smirking face in there? How on earth could this right-wing slimeball possibly have been a top advisor to President Clinton? And why does anyone still think he’s in any way, shape, or form a serious person?

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