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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, June 29. First, though, check out aznew’s demolition of the right wing’s new Big Lie (yes, they always have a new one).

*Obama and Roberts win (“But ruling could create problems in future.”)

*Real reform must start now (Agreed, the Affordable Care Act is only the start, we need a lot more changes or health care is going to drive this country into bankruptcy as we age, as medical care gets more expensive, as technology advances and we live longer, etc.)

*Va. Democrats laud Supreme Court’s health care decision

*What’s next for health care in Virginia?

*A ruling that’s good for the country

*Kaine, Allen offer dueling economic plans at Reston forum (Allen’s plan in short: double down on Bush-o-nomics. #FAIL)

*Kaine, Allen split on Supreme Court ruling (Who could have predicted this?!? LOL)

*McDonnell: Health-care ruling ‘a bad ruling for the American people’ (And by “the American people” McDonnell apparently means “Republican politicians” or something, because the American people are huge winners in this.)

*Should Virginia expand Medicaid, form an exchange?

*Ken Cuccinelli, on second thought, likes Supreme Court health-care decision (Is Kookinelli crazy like a fox, or just crazy? Tough call.)

*Tom Perriello Says Health Care Ruling is Good for Va. (“Republicans, if anything, are up a bit of a creek here where they really need to focus on the economy and not keep litigating these old battles”)

*Scott Lingamfelter announces run for lieutenant governor (Who ISN’T running for statewide office next year on the Republican side? Wow.)

*Virginia faces key decisions on special session, Medicaid

*Virginia politicians complain about exclusion in offshore drilling plan (Whatever.)

*Virginia drivers pay less at pump since April peak (And Virginia Republicans, who criticized President Obama when “gas prices” were rising, now praise him when they’re falling. Oh wait…heh.)

*Report: Fairfax congestion hurts schools, jobs, environment (Gee, ya think?!?)

*Loudoun homeowners association wins federal lawsuit against OpenBand

*Local health officials pleased about mandate decision, worried about cost

*Nats rally, but lose in extra innings

*Health officials warn of heat’s dangers (Just remember, though, NONE of these events – record warmth around the world, year after year; record heat waves, droughts, floods, etc; could possibly have ANYTHING to do with the scientific fact of anthropogenic climate change. So sayeth ExxonMobil and so sayeth the Koch brothers. End of story.)

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