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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, June 26. Also, check out Willard “Mitt” Romney praising Arizona’s draconian anti-immigration law as a “model” for the nation. What has he had to say since the Supreme Court struck most of this law down yesterday? Very, very little. Hmmmm.

*Immigration smackdown (“The Supreme Court serves notice to states that this issue belongs to Washington.”)

*Obama blasts Romney in new battleground state TV ads

*Va. officials differ on court’s immigration ruling

*Uncertainty at U.Va. on eve of vote

*Editorial: Reinstate Sullivan (“UVa’s president is entitled to a transparent evaluation process if she remains, but with accountability.”)

*Virginia gets federal grants to hire veterans as cops

*On U-Va. campus, Teresa Sullivan

has the people. But is it enough?

*Sullivan’s allies express hope as vote nears

*How U-Va. board members are likely to vote

*The U-Va. president drama: Is it the Queen Bee scenario?

*Kaine, Douglass speak to Nelson Democrats

*Allen flies to New York to raise money

*Allen seeks to broaden appeal in Virginia Senate race

*Kaine Courts Latino Voters at Bilingual Event

*Editorial: When your state’s in play (“Mitt Romney visits Salem today. Expect to hear and see much of the candidate.”)

*High winds, rain KO power to 100,000 in Va.

*$250M streetcar line has Va. talking: An investment or ‘waste of money’?

*Teen arrested in Fairfax animal attacks (Get this kid some help NOW; sounds like we’ve got a budding psychopath on our hands.)

*Nats lose to Colo. as Strasburg’s streak snapped

*D.C. area forecast: Fantastic day, but hot and humid weather returns Thursday into Saturday

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