Bill Bolling Called Out by Fellow Republican, Issues Non-Apology “Apology”


    First Bill Bolling says that over half of Virginian voters – the percentage who voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 election, and most likely will vote for him again this November, are mentally ill. Now, he’s coming under fire for his insensitive remark by a fellow Republican, Del. Joseph Yost (R-Blacksburg).

    On Wednesday, Del. Joseph Yost, R-Blacksburg, issued a statement calling on Bolling to apologize. Yost is the jail diversion coordinator for the nonprofit Mental Health Association of the New River Valley.

    “I am disappointed in the Lieutenant Governor’s comments and I call on him to issue an apology not only to the citizens of this Commonwealth but to all individuals who suffer from a mental health issue and their friends and family,” Yost said. “The comments were not only a disappointment and distasteful but continue the stigmatization of individuals with mental illness.

    Of course, Bolling couldn’t just admit that he screwed up and issue a straight apology. Instead, he issued the classic non-apology “apology,” that he “did not intend to offend anyone, and if anyone was offended by his comment he would certainly apologize for that.” Notice, he WOULD apologize IF he did anything wrong. But, apparently, he doesn’t believe that he did. #FAIL

    Compounding his mistake, Bolling then basically reaffirmed the gist of what he was getting at the other day, claiming that “he just doesn’t understand how anyone could objectively conclude that President Obama has done a good job and deserves a second term.” Well, isn’t that a coincidence, because I just don’t understand how anyone could objectively conclude that Willard “Mitt” Romney, or any Republican’t for that matter – the people who got us into this mess, and who have absolutely no plan to get us out of it except to repeat the same mistakes they made the last time around – deserve to be elected to anything, let alone the White House! Do I think that Bill Bolling is mentally ill for being so wildly misguided? No, I just think he’s a total corporate tool, as well as a severely misguided true believer in his party’s disastrous, supply-side/trickle-down, failed economic philosophy. That’s more than enough reason not to support him or his Teapublican pals, wouldn’t you say?  


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