“But There is No Global Warming” (Not!): Look in on Neighbors, Then Share Your Storm Stories


    [Note: Blue Virginia, other Soapblox blogs, and many other sites, were down throughout the day today. Netflix, Pinterest and other sites were down as well. Most of all our thoughts are with those who remain without power on a day when new heat records are expected to be broken. Please make sure to check in on each other.]

    Even in the wake of profound evidence to contradict them, science deniers abound. Yet there is little doubt that historic storms such as the one sweeping into the Mid Atlantic last night, are the result climate change.  

    Millions lost power as the 600-mile wall of rain and strong winds swept into the region from the Midwest. Experiencing winds gusting between 80 and 100 miles an hour, many haven’t seen winds like that–ever.  

    The storm-exfoliation and toppling of trees will itself have an impact on global warming. That is to say, it will make it worse in a spiral of violent storms of which last night’s was a foreshadowing.  

    If you live in NOVA, and have power you will want to check on others who do not.  Similarly, a half a million in Southwest Virginia have no power on a day predicted to be 98 degrees. Please help them get through the outage. The story is the same throughout the path of the storm from Illinois to Virginia and Maryland.

    Where I am, in NC where heat was predicted to top 108 today, we are well, having only gotten the tail end of last night’s storm and none of its punch. Chapel Hill, however had numerous downed trees and some power outages.

    Here is a list of warnings and advisories for today.

    What have you seen where you are? (Discuss)


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