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President Obama: “The law I passed is here to stay!”


Great stuff from President Obama — positive, forward looking, confident. In other words, the exact opposite of the negative, reactionary, complain-but-offer-no-solutions Republican’ts. Is the correct choice in this election (Barack Obama and the Democrats) really even a question? No, Democrats aren’t perfect, but at least they try to make people’s lives better, try to invest in making our country stronger, try to create a level playing field so anyone can succeed based on merit (Republicans apparently believe in cronyism and inherited wealth, which FDR – and TR for that matter – basically thought was un-American).

Meanwhile, what are Republican’ts trying to do, other than to block every iota of progress Democrats attempt to push forward? Well, they are also busy trying to make the rich richer, the poor poorer, and the middle class having to work harder just to stay in the middle class? And when they’re not doing all that, they also are trying hard to restrict women’s rights, to trash the environment in order to enrich polluters, to ensure that as few people as possible can vote, and to turn this country into a kleptocracy ruled by corporations and/or a theocracy ruled by their approved (fundamentalist) religion. Yeah, this election’s a really tough choice, huh?


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