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Romney’s Disastrous Foreign Tour Continues: Israel Edition


First, we had Romney’s disastrous #romneyshambles tour of the UK, where he pissed off just about everybody with his utter lack of charm, tact, discretion, judgment, you name it. Now, he’s in Israel, pandering to the far-right wing, settlers movement, etc. This morning, his campaign managed to stir up yet another controversy, first asserting that Romney would back a unilateral Israeli military strike on Iran, not just a general statement that “all options are on the table.” Now, completely unsurprisingly for this gang that can’t shoot straight, the Romney campaign’s “walking back” those remarks, but still, WTF?!? {UDPATE: Romney also contradicted de facto U.S. policy on moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Ugh.}

Meanwhile, check out the video, in which yet another Romney campaign talking head can’t name one policy difference between President Obama and Willard on Israel.

Finally, just remember what this is all about: Romney pandering to end-timers, people who believe in “The Rapture,” readers of the “Left Behind” series, the Pat Robertson/Jerry Falwell crowd. Also remember that the only reason these people are “friends” with Israel is that it’s part of their (warped) interpretation of Biblical “prophecy” that support for Israel will hasten Judgement Day and the blessed Rapture. The point is, any Israelis – or American Jews – who really think these people are our friends is completely deluded. In addition, if any American Jews believe that Israel itself is gung-ho about military action against Iran, maintaining the West Bank and Gaza’s Palestinian areas forever, etc., they’re also just factually incorrect.

Finally, I’d refer everyone back to the history of U.S.-Israel relations, and note that some of the worst tension occurred under Republican presidents. Under Reagan, for instance, there was the infamous AWACS sale to Saudi Arabia, which pitted Reagan against AIPAC in an extremely nasty fight.  Things got so bad at one point that Israeli Prime Minister Begin was treating Israel like a “banana republic.”  Then we had George HW Bush’s Secretary of State, Jim F*** the Jews Baker, and his boss, who “complained about the strength of the Jewish lobby on Capitol Hill.” Great stuff, huh? Meanwhile, President Carter was instrumental in negotiating the peace treaty with Egypt, which has secured Israel’s southern border for decades now. And President Clinton came extremely close to negotiating a historic, Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty. And, of course, President Obama has ratcheted up security cooperation with Israel to extraordinary levels. So, which party’s the real friend of Israel again?!?


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