Video: Kaine Campaign Highlights George Allen’s “Misplaced Priorities”


    Honestly, I can’t say I’m not a big fan of picking out tiny items from budget bills – windmills from China! electric cars from Finland! fire ants! Goth culture! lol – but the Republicans do it to Democrats all the time. And not that two wrongs make a right, but I like this ad for showing what an utter hypocritical @#$@#$ George Allen is. More substantively than the fire ants, the bottom line is that during Allen’s 6 years in the Senate, he voted repeatedly to spend money like there’s no tomorrow, without ever paying for any of it of course, thereby racking up enormous debt, which President Obama inherited, along with the Republican Great Recession, also inherited.

    Anyway, thanks a lot George Allen, heckuva job from 2001 to 2007, until we booted you out of there thanks to a massive grassroots rebellion against your unpaid-for wars and other idiotic policies. Now why on earth should we vote to send you back to the Senate – and the government – you hate so much? Oh yeah, to serve your corporate masters, great reason huh? LOL


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