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Video: President Obama Corrects Lyin’ Willard’s Wild Distortions on Small Business Creation


As usual with Willard “Mitt” Romney, you can tell he’s lying when his lips are moving. In this case, Romney and his robotic minions took a speech by President Obama, completely distorted his entire meaning, and turned it into some sort of “gotcha” about who exactly “builds” small business in America. The correct answer, of course, is that hard-working entrepreneurs build small businesses (duh!). Was there ever any question about that? Seriously? But, of course, Republicans can’t handle the fact that for small business – and the country more generally – to thrive, we need strong infrastructure (roads, bridges, a power grid, sewer systems, broadband, you name it), security (police, firefighters, a military to defend our country), stable and robust financial and monetary systems, rule of law, protections for workers, retirees (Social Security, Medicare), affordable health care, etc, etc.

And guess who’s responsible for all that infrastructure which allow hard-working entrepreneurs to create small businesses through their creativity, resourcefulness, and sweat equity? That’s right, “we the people” do, through our government – you know, the one Abraham Lincoln said was “by, for, and of” us? Yeah, that government — the one Republicans despise, want to “drown in a bathtub,” etc. The question we should ask Republicans, given their extreme, negative, government-hating attitude, is simple: “if you hate the government so much, why do you want to be part of it, and why do you continue to accept the many benefits you receive from it?” Hmmmm.


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