Video: Romney Says It Would be “Silly” to Blame Incumbent for Economic Mess He Inherited


    This is truly amazing; Willard “Mitt” Romney saying almost exactly the same things that President Obama has been saying regarding the economic mess he inherited, and how “silly” it would be to demand that he turn it around overnight. Given that Romney, like most Republicans, probably doesn’t understand “irony,” this may be lost on him, but check it out and see for yourself how ironically hi-larious it is that Willard is now attacking President Obama for the exact same thing Romney was attacked for when he was governor of Massachusetts, and for which Romney is now attacking Obama! Also, note that Romney’s defense is almost word-for-word the same as Obama’s (particularly juicy parts highlighted below). As with so many things, such as his strong support for clean energy and action on climate change, Romney was right back then, but he’s dead wrong now. Anyway, enjoy!

    You guys are bright enough to look at the numbers. I came in and the jobs had been just falling like off a cliff, and I came in and they kept falling for 11 months. And then we turned it around and we’re coming back, and that’s progress. And if you’re going to suggest to me that somehow the day I got elected somehow jobs should immediately turn around, well that would be silly. It takes a while to get things turned around. We were in a recession, we were losing jobs every month.  We turned around, and since the turnaround we’ve added 50,000 jobs. That’s progress. And there will be some people who try and say, well governor you, net-net have only added a few thousand jobs since you came in…But we were in free fall for 3 years…and then we turned it around as a state — private sector, government sector…and now we’re adding jobs…we’re one part of that equation, but not the whole equation, a lot of it is out of our control...but I’m very pleased that over the last 2, 2 1/2 years we’ve seen pretty consistent job growth…


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