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Don’t Forget to Vote for Rob Krupicka THIS Tuesday!


From Rob Krupicka for Delegate:


Krupicka for Delegate

Dear Lowell,

Whether you're about to head out of town or you've got a relaxing weekend at home ahead of you, I need you to make your plan to vote on Tuesday, September 4th right now. 

Over the past three days we've been told by Republicans in Tampa that our platform, our policies, and our values are bad for this country. Our own Governor told us that the LGBT community doesn't deserve the same rights as everyone else, and that women should not be allowed to make decisions about their own bodies. As Delegate I will fight back against that type of extremism, and forge compromise by offering an alternate vision of what we can be as a Commonwealth 

We need to find smart transit solutions that alleviate gridlock, we need to invest in our children's education to prepare them for our 21st Century economy, and we need to fight for true equality so that everyone has an equal chance to fulfill their potential. We cannot move forward as a Commonwealth if we continue to let ourselves be torn apart. 

If you share my frustration with the divisive attacks that we've endured over the past few days, then I need you to stand with me right now. CLICK HERE to help us make the phone calls, knock on the doors, and talk to the voters that we need to turn out to ensure victory on Tuesday, September 4th.

There's only one way that we're going to win this election, and that's through the shoe leather that you lend us. If you've got even a spare hour between now and Tuesday, I need you to help us spread the word across the 45th District. It's been a great honor to have your support throughout this campaign, and I know that with sweat, drive and determination over the next 100 hours we will win on Tuesday. 

Thank you,


P.S. You can still vote absentee-in person if you won't be in town on Tuesday. CLICK HERE to find out where to go to cast your vote.



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