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Gen. Douglass’ Wife Susan on Todd Akin’s Remarks: “No means no!”


From the John Douglass for Congress campaign, specifically Gen. Douglass' wife Susan:



Extremist Congressman Todd Akin's callous reference to “legitimate rape” means he is no longer just running against one woman for U.S. Senate. He and his radical allies in Congress are now running against women everywhere. Well we're hear to tell them that no means no. 

Virginia women who have been violated need you to hurry up and fight back now — your support is critical. 

I was just in our nation's capital for the “We Are Women Rally” this weekend. I joined thousands of women because here in Virginia, like other parts of the country, our rights are under attack — first painful ultrasound procedures and now this. 

My husband John Douglass defended our rights during his military service to our country. And if it wasn't for the heroism of one young female corporal, he may not have survived one of several kidnap attempts on his life. So I know he'll be a champion for our rights in Congress 

But he urgently needs us to join him in our effort to take back Congress. Will you rush a contribution to our campaign today? 

The personal liberty of Republican and Democratic women alike is at stake in this election. And I don't care what Congressman Akin, Congressman Hurt or others on the extreme right have to say about the matter, no rape victim is illegitimate. If we let them get away with forcing their political agenda on Virginia women, what's next? Donate Now.

With Women Everywhere, 

Susan Douglass 


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