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GOP Nominates Rabid Homophobe, Right Wingnut Tim McGhee in the 45th House of Delegates District


Believe it or not, yesterday Republicans in Alexandria and Arlington nominated the same right-wing extremist who was crushed by Adam Ebbin last year for State Senate, to run this time around for the 45th House of Delegates seat of resigning (and leaving the area pronto — apparently he’s now moved to California) Del. David Englin. Yeah, I’m sure that the Democratic nominee (I’ve endorsed Rob Krupicka) will have a tough time beating Tim McGhee. But just to remind everyone who this guy is and what he believes in, here are a few highlights from his disastrous run in 2011:

*Candidate Defends Remarks About Gays and God:

During his closing remarks at the group’s candidates forum in Ballston, McGhee started opining about the relationship between gays, lesbians and God.

“Each and every one of you is a uniquely valuable human being created for a purpose,” McGhee told the group, according to an audio recording and transcript on the Not Larry Sabato blog. “Some of you are beyond frustrated with God right now. Some of you refuse to believe in him altogether. You’ve asked the question or perhaps given up asking a long time ago ‘Why? Why would God make me who I am and then tell me that’s wrong?'”

Needless to say, some AGLA members took exception to the implication that being gay is “wrong” – or that a discussion of God and morality was appropriate during a local political debate.

For more entertainment, check out this dude’s blog, where you’ll learn that abortion is “a weapon of mass destruction” (like nuclear weapons? alrighty!). Also check out his Twitter feed, where you’ll further learn that, in his (warped) view, “Abortion is the leading cause of death in the black community nationwide,” and that “[e]very 95 seconds, Planned Parenthood took $1,093.06 of federal funds and ended the life of a child in its mother by abortion.” Finally, McGhee seems to have deleted the content, but his Facebook page used to say that he opposed abortion even in the cases of rape or incest, as well as embryonic stem cell research and gay marriage. Other than that, he’s the perfect type of Republican to run in deep-blue Alexandria and Arlington. Anyway, great job in nominating Tim McGhee, Republicans, keep it up; I couldn’t have picked a “better” candidate (from a Democrat’s perspective, that is) if I tried!


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