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Kaine Campaign Decodes Allen Op-ed: End Medicare As We Know It, Privatize Social Security


From the Kaine campaign:


Richmond, VA – Today, George Allen penned an op-ed on Social Security detailing his perceived shortcomings of the program that serves 1.6 million Virginians and has provided a dignified retirement for millions of seniors for more than 75 years.  The agenda Allen lays out, however, would be nothing short of a disaster for Virginia's seniors.  

The reality is Virginians have seen what George Allen would do if elected.  He'd take us right back to the same policies that put tax breaks for the wealthiest and profitable corporations who don't need them ahead of core services for the elderly, students, and middle class families. We tried that approach and it helped create our economic mess.  

George Allen had a chance to strengthen the program. But instead of pursuing any of the so-called “simple” reforms he writes about, Allen broke his campaign pledge to protect Social Security money and instead used those resources to finance the Bush tax cuts. In addition, Allen voted for a privatization plan that would have invested a portion of Social Security funds in the stock market and housing market — a plan that would have been catastrophic for seniors' if Allen had been successful.   

In the piece, George Allen argues that the best way to 'fix' Social Security is to “get our economy moving and create jobs.” The only problem?  The Ryan plan George Allen has repeatedly praised to “get our economy moving” pays for increased tax breaks for the wealthy by ending Medicare as we know it, raises taxes on middle class families, guts investments in education and infrastructure, and ends critical preventive care for seniors while hiking the costs of their prescription drugs.  George Allen's agenda of pitting seniors' health care benefits against their retirement security is the type of failed Washington logic Virginia's seniors can't afford. 
If past is prologue, Virginia seniors know what they can expect from George Allen – privatization schemes, decreased benefits, and a disregard for the sacred promise we've made to the next generation of hard workers who've earned their Social Security.



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