New Lows Almost Daily: Rommney Tripples down on the “Truthiness.”


    In a sane country, the media would rejlect outright falsehoods in advertising.  But it is not a sane world.  media would sell their souls to get themselves deregulated and kiss up to the forces privatization. There are no longer laws to make them perform in the public interest.

    so, the demise of the FCC as a regulating body combined with Citizens United, combined with a soulless rich man presidential wannabe pimping for the Koch brothers, and the whole laundry list of pretend  

    Stephen Colbert’s TV personna would be proud of Mittens. If there were a “truthiness” award for the individual who most perverted the truth in the last  century, Mitt Romney would hold the record.  There is a constant drumbeat of new fabrications.  Several new ads ad more evidence to the vast pile of garbage Romney and his running mate have been spreading.

    While Mittins and his pretend “economic wonk” (don’t make me laugh) VT Eddie Munster look-alike plan to privatize Medicare, they pretend to “save it.”  Sounds a lot like “they had to destroy the village to save it” to me.