Pat Robertson on Todd Akin’s “Legitimate Rape” Remarks: He “apologized, so “let’s get on with life”


    Riiiight, so according to Virginia Governor “Bobby” McDonnell’s “good friend”/mentor/contributor/etc. Pat Robertson, what Todd Akin said about “legitimate rape,” etc. was just a “dumb remark,” already “apologized” for, so let’s “get on with life,” “run the campaign,” and not form a “circular firing squad” for pete’s sake!

    Except for one problem: that’s a TOTAL whitewashing of the facts, which are that this was NOT some isolated “dumb remark” (although brain-dead stupid it was, no doubt), but part and parcel of many (if not most) national Republicans’ attitudes towards abortion, which is that it should be banned in basically all circumstances, including rape and incest (possible exception for the life of the mother, although that wouldn’t be the case if “life” is defined as beginning at conception), and also that powerful (right-wing, fundamentalist, Republican) men should be dictating to women and their doctors about what should be a deeply private, personal, medical decision. Other than that, sure, let’s just get on with life and back to partisan politics, as Pat Robertson recommends. Whaddya think, is that a great idea or what?!?


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