Video: Who Is Barbara Comstock?


    As Del. Barbara Comstock (R-Great Falls) prepares to speak this afternoon at the Teapublican Hatefest Convention in Tampa, I thought it would be good to remind everyone who this person is. In addition to the video above, I recommend you read:

    *Hyper-Partisan GOP Del. Barbara Comstock Politicizes Picnic Honoring Wounded Warriors

    *GOP Attack Dog Launches New Career – Running For Office

    *It’s Evil Harpie Time With Barbara Comstock

    *One-Woman Wrecking Crew Targets Democratic Leaders

    *Libby’s secret defense fund (“Brock described Comstock as almost unhinged in her passion to bring down the Clintons.”)

    *Digging the Dirt

    *Corporate Lobbyist Front Group’s Barbara Comstock Blames Unions for Outsourcing

    *Pam Danner Blasts Barbara Comstock For Her War on Women’s Reproductive Rights

    *Anti-Choice Candidate Spotlight: Barbara Comstock (R-34)

    *CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Pins Truth On Romney’s Spokeswoman

    *Delegate Barbara Comstock Introduces Legislation Written By Out-Of-State Corporate Lobbyists

    Bottom line: she’s a real piece of work — perfect for the Republican Party though!

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