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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, August 28.

*Race and the 2012 election (“Romney’s welfare ads…work particularly well if the viewer is racist, or at least racially resentful. And these are the ads that are working so unexpectedly well that welfare is now the spine of Romney’s 2012 on-air message in the battleground states.”)

*David Brooks: “The Real Romney”

*Stealing Medicare (“In their alternate reality, Republicans stand up for the Great Society.” The ad’s also “Pants on Fire” false.)

*Storm intersects with Gulf, GOP, a painful past

*Va. gets royal treatment at convention

*Poll: 2013 would be Mark Warner’s, if …

*Rigell: Cuts, raising taxes key to staving off fiscal collapse (“Rigell said the Ryan budget plan, which he has voted for, is “indefensible mathematically” without ‘revenue enhancements.'”)

*George Allen says the state government workforce grew when Tim Kaine was governor (Of course it’s false.)

*Cuccinelli on NoVa: ‘We’re importing all these people that work in the federal government and businesses associated with the federal government’

*Agency backs governor’s evaluation of port’s struggles

*McDonnell focused on speech, not speculation

*Gov. Bob McDonnell: Virginia trending red again

*Is Bob McDonnell looking ahead to the next election?

*Obama to visit Norfolk next week before convention

*In Richmond, Perriello criticizes Romney’s economic plans (The bottom line: if you think the economy’s bad, not great, whatever, the LAST thing you should do is vote for Romney and the Republicans. They will make it much, much worse.)

*Gabby Douglas tells Oprah she experienced racism, felt bullied

*Tough weekend, that’s all (“This is pennant race baseball, folks: losing streaks, base-running gaffes, histrionics. It’s all forgotten in October – if everyone survives till then.”)

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