A Speech of Mine Fueled by My Revulsion Having Just Heard Goodlatte and Allen Speak


    You may be familiar with that “Labor Day” speech I gave in Harrisonburg the evening before– the one that’s gone viral (more than 33,000 viewings and climbing) and has been posted here. (See here for that one.) There’s another speech I gave the next day I’d like to share now.

    I’ve not made much of it until now because, as you’ll see and hear, it was not recorded under optimal conditions. Which I regret, because there are things about this speech I’d like to share widely.

    I spoke after my first-ever exposure to Bob Goodlatte and George Allen, who spoke ahead of me. Their ugly dishonesty I found so offensive that I set aside my polite planned speech and spoke extemporaneously from the heart, and the gut.

    Here it is:

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